Do you feel the same about Health Care?

Dr. Dr.Sajjan Madappady

Preventive Medicine

MBBS, MD, MBA, PGDDM, Certified Medical Tourism Professional,

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Published On: Saturday May 6, 2017

Are You

  1. Afraid of hospitals?

  2. Tired of healthcare process?

  3. Finding it difficult to get an appointment?

  4. Facing difficulty in finding a specialised doctor?

  5. Finding it difficult to find a hospital and treatment with an affordable cost?

  6. Having trouble in understanding your health problems?

  7. Finding it difficult to understand the medical terminologies in your reports?

  8. Diagnosed with any new disease and confused with the treatment options?

  9. Unable to make a decision after the first consultation with the doctor?

  10. Is your doctor not able to find time to explain the health condition you are suffering?

When it comes to healthcare, for most people hospital is a scary & a hostile place. We feel a change in attitude is required towards health care. Therefore, providing the patient a friendly and hospitable environment will help to comfort patient’s need and receive better care.

We know that medicine is much more than just going into a hospital and getting yourself stitched-up according to your wallet size. We need to believe that medicine can not only save lives but can change lives. So we group of doctors and health care experts will assist you to have a hassle-free experience in your health care process.

What do we do?

We Help You To

  • Get a personal Medical Expert to assist you throughout your journey in Healthcare.
  • Get timely appointment of specialised doctors.
  • Get a cost estimate for your surgery/ health problems.
  • Find affordable hospital & advanced treatment options nationally and globally.
  • Get authenticated second opinions by specialists regarding your medical condition.
  • Get a detailed understandable healthcare explanation of your report from our medical experts.
  • Choose from the options of top best doctors in each speciality.
  • Find different treatment options you have at different destinations nationally and globally.


Here is your Personal Medical Assistance/ Facilitator/ Consignor.

Call us on 8100-999-111 for  FREE Medical Assistance or visit our website for all information on Doctors, Hospitals, Treatments and Healthcare.

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