Dr.Sajjan Madappady MBBS, MD, PGDDM (MBA) Managing Director & CEO

Being introduced to the medical fraternity for the past eleven years, I have been inspired by great purposes, extraordinary people and their thoughts.

In the process of trying to make a difference in this world all these years, I have rediscovered myself. I have dared to push the boundaries of what is possible, in order to innovate & transform health care to make it an affordable basic human right.

When you believe in your ideas, your mind transcends, your consciousness expands in every direction. This Transformation of my Ideas & thoughts has laid the foundation for this Company.

In this context of the immensely emerging economy and Healthcare, having a globally connected healthcare system secures a bright future for all.

When it comes to healthcare, for most people hospital is a scary & a hostile place. We need to change this attitude and Change the way things are. I know it may seem small or insignificant but it’s not about what it is, it’s about what it can become.

We know that medicine is much more than just going into a hospital and getting yourself stitched-up according to your wallet size. We need to believe that medicine can not only save lives but can change lives. As Doctors, we know more about human body now, than any other point in history. So let’s put our hands together to spread this incredible knowledge, information & service of health and medicine worldwide. We are determined to bridge the gap between people and health care system.

We invite all Doctors to be a contributor & post health related articles, videos or pictures in our platform. Share your knowledge with the world and together let’s make the world a healthy place to live happily. Our passion for excellence, the solid foundation of knowledge, accountability, transparency and integrity in work will help to benefit humanity. We are optimistic about the future that holds for us.

Welcome to the Dynamic Group.

Dr.Sajjan Madappady

Dare to be Different

Our Team

Mr.Radhakrishna M MSW Executive Director Administrator


Dr.Satish Chandra MBBS Director International Coordinator


Mrs.Sindhushree H.R BSC, MSC, (MHA) Director International Operations

Our Vision
To create a great future for the people of our country and world in the field of Medical education and health care. To make health care universally accessible and affordable with a healthy Doctor-Patient relationship.
Our Values
We are driven by our core values ‘Ethics, Expertise and Leadership’. We believe that honesty & perseverance paves the way for true success.

We care for your brighter & Beautiful Life